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[enterprise mission] lead the mold industry and promote industrial development.
[corporate vision] become a globally influential brand enterprise.
[enterprise spirit] skilled in technology, practical and realistic, sincere in cooperation, philosophical and mutually beneficial.
[business philosophy] customer first, win-win development.
[market concept] market-oriented, order as the core, everything serves customers.
[quality concept] take customer requirements as the code of conduct and customer satisfaction as the pursuit goal.
[management concept] management is the activity of managers' thinking, target management is the best means of management, execution is the theme of management activities, and innovation is the eternal theme of management.
[management principle] clarify responsibilities, take responsibility and be responsible to the end.
[management objectives] orderly, efficient, simple and standard.
[enterprise management policy] integrity management, quality first.
[enterprise goal] to be a leader in the mold industry.
[talent view] there are six kinds of people who don't need to win: those who have negative thoughts and don't want to make progress; Those who do not grow together with the company; Those who do not agree with the values of the enterprise; Lack of team spirit; Those who are unwilling to take responsibility; A leader who cannot guide and lead his subordinates to progress and even do everything himself.
[employment concept] combine virtue and talent, employ talents and make common development.
[core values] thinking about benefits and people.